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meet monis.minis!

Hi! I'm Monika Mikulionis, also known as monis.minis! Ever since I was a child, I was interested in the baking world.  My mom was (still is) an amazing cook, and so I didn't dare try to cross that territory.  Having a major sweet tooth and being inspired by @sigicakes' baking talents, I slowly started to dive into the baking world.

Fast forward to me living in Ireland as an aupair a few years ago.  One afternoon as the kiddos were napping, I was craving a sweet treat, so I looked through the pantry and whipped up some cookie bars with whatever I could find.  From that day on, I was highly encouraged to bake whenever my sweet-tooth desired.  And this was the start to my baking obsession.  

When I moved back to the States, I continued to bake and really developed a passion for the art, creativity, and science behind it.  Every day I'm learning something new and continuing to put it into practice.  

What I love most about baking is sharing it with others and putting a smile on their face with a sweet treat for whatever the occasion may be.  So thanks for visiting my site - hope you enjoy!   

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